Fee Options:



Free initial meeting


Charges may be agreed hourly or daily.  Alternatively, if ongoing administration is required a fixed term contract may be preferable to you with a fixed monthly fee to incorporate set items of administration.  For a specific task or project a one off charge may be appropriate or any combination of the above.  You may therefore appoint Cristine Benn of Bespoke Administration Services in accordance with your budget and needs.  Any contracts can of course be reviewed on a regular basis and be adapted as your needs change.


As a Sole Practitioner, Cristine Benn trading as Bespoke Administration Services is not registered for VAT and all costs are therefore as shown.


Hourly rates start at £35 for office or personal administration and £50 for trust administration. 


Day rates start at £375 up to £550.


Travel expenses may be charged but these will be agreed beforehand.


Bespoke Willtax Company Limited - Professional and Independent Trusteeship:


Bespoke Willtax Company Limited charges £500 + VAT per annum.  There are conditions associated with the trusteeship. 


Appropriate checks to comply with Money Laundering Regulations will be undertaken on you, the trustees or your business for all instructions.