Professional and Independent Trusteeship:


Cristine Benn is a Director of Bespoke Willtax Company Limited ( together with Mary Willoughby who is a chartered accountant.  Mary's knowledge of trust taxation matters and Cristine's experience in trust administration make a great team and together they offer a Professional and Independent Trusteeship with a personal and customer relationship ethos.


An Independent Trustee can be helpful if family members find it difficult dealing with requests from persistent beneficiaries who are also family members or in situations where conflicts exist.  Cristine is also experienced in dealing with trusts for the benefit of vulnerable beneficiaries.


Professional personal trusteeships carry a higher duty of care and some solicitors are becoming increasingly reluctant to take on a personal trustee role, especially as the associated administration may not prove profitable.  Trust Corporations on the other hand may charge significant fees for their involvement. Bespoke Willtax Company Limited can therefore offer a viable alternative for Settlor's and Trustees looking to adhere to their duties without incurring high legal fees.


Cristine has undertaken a company secretarial role for a Corporate Trustee and she has made trustee decisions on behalf of the Corporation on a daily basis and manages up to 200 trusts for various Clients.  Mary Willoughby has many years experience in dealing with trust taxation matters.


An appointment of Bespoke Willtax Company Limited as a trustee carries the condition that Bespoke Administration Services is appointed for all trust administration and that Willtax Trust Limited is appointed as the trustees' tax and accountancy adviser.


If complex legal advice is required it may be necessary to seek legal advice from a qualified trust solicitor.